Applied and Advertising Photography


Head of Studio
Prof. Mgr. Miroslav Vojtěchovský

Studio Assistant
MgA. Marián Beneš

Studio Assistant
MgA. Jiří Dvořák



Although contemporary art education unwisely places applied and commercial photography into the realm of commerce and utility, the Studio of Applied and Advertising Photography boasts a teaching methodology that explores the opposite approach.

The teaching here is based on an assumption of the social importance of advertising artwork, on the opportunities to shape social culture through cultural work freed from banality, thus aiming to educate independent, creative individuals who are ready and willing to project their own artistic approaches to the commercial world.

A system of exercises leads our students to explore, from a technical standpoint, the creative possibilities of a variety of recording technologies from hand-made pinhole cameras or photograms through to analogue SLR camera to sophisticated digital studio equipment. As regards the content, our assignments seek to balance clearly defined work built strictly on precise craftsmanship with themes that give free rein to imagination and creation free from any preconceived limitations.