Head of Studio
Assoc. Prof. Jiří Kovanda

Studio Assistant
MgA. Ivana Zochová



The activities of the Studio deal primarily with performance and everything connected with this form of artistic expression. Firstly, it is about working with media used to capture and document these activities, namely with photographs and videos. Furthermore, we focus on means that are closest to ‘action art’, i.e. on installations and objects. However, because today’s artistic creation cannot be limited to only one possible means of expression, students may use all appropriate methodologies regardless of the focus of the Studio.

We also place emphasis on insight and knowledge of creative works of colleagues at home as well as from the international art scene. It is not just the process of creation of the work itself that is of importance to us but also the method of its presentation, whether at exhibitions or in the media. This area includes, for example, the appropriate selection of the works to be presented, their adjustment and installation, interviews and communication about the work itself with the public, critics etc.

We consider it important that students, if possible, work on the school premises so that they have the opportunity to compare their work with others, to meet and communicate with each other, to speak regularly not only about their work itself, but also about everything that relates to it.