The activity of the studio is focused mainly on works closely related to the specific environment (site), in which they are being created and presented. These activities are not limited in terms of material, medium nor the approach to the creation or it’s content focus. First of all, we work with the means that serve to capture and illustrate the artistic activities, thus photography and video. We often use procedures, which are close to action art or performance, that being installation and object form. However there is a possibility to use various art techniques and approaches at the studio, including the classic ones like drawing and painting. Nowadays it’s impossible to restrict art creation to a single possible way of expression, so students are free to make use of whatever suitable expression forms of the message they want to tell. Yet our goal is not only in creating the art piece itself, but in it’s relationship to the space in which it is situated as well, in finding the most appropriate way of it’s presentation. Which means not only the process of creation of the artefact is important to us, but also the possibility to share it, whether it be at exhibitions or in media. It’s about the proper selection of the presented works too, their adjustment and installation, about interviews and communication on the work itself with public, critics etc. We also emphasize general knowledge and familiarity with the work of the colleagues at the local as well as the international arts scene. We consider it important that students work at the university grounds if possible, so they have the opportunity to compare their work with that of the others, to meet and communicate with each other, just as for us to regularly talk not only about the work itself, but also about everything else connected with it.