Studio of Digital Media

The study in the Studio of Digital Media focuses especially on work with both static and dynamic digital image and on searching for possibilities to interconnect them. During the four-year course, students work with the photography, video, digital animation, and as a matter of course, they are free to overlap into classical media. Individual semesters deal with specific themes. The primary aim of the Studio is to lead students in a way and direction that helps them to reflect a given topic meaningfully, using adequate formal means, and clearly express their ideas.
The activities of the Studio are entirely in the area of artistic creation; however, organization of the course makes it possible to give the students opportunity to acquire necessary technological knowledge and experience when fulfilling the given assignments, working with particular programs (Photoshop, Premiere, Flash etc.). Tuitions also give much attention to debates about current events in contemporary visual art.



doc. Mgr. Michaela Thelenová

Head of studio

MgA. Radek Jandera

Senior lecturer of studio


Works of students

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