Graphic design I


Head of Studio
Prof. Karel Míšek, Ph.D., Academic Painter

Studio Assistant
MgA. Jan Hora



The studies focus on a broad spectrum of knowledge and the development of skills in different areas of visual communication. The basis is a graphic design which, in accordance with the development and technological innovation, also extends to industrial design and ergonomics. The knowledge acquired is used in practice in type, typography, advertising, marketing visual communication or electronic media. Students are encouraged to work in teams—a necessity for later work. Studies are mainly based on the development of creative skills that are a prerequisite to building a career in this field.

Students are profiled as persons active in the public cultural space. The role for which they are trained also covers maintaining professional ethics, developing a quality professional environment on the market, and educating the public and client community concerning the issues of design and artistic creation.

Self-confidence and development of students’ abilities are based also on international contacts with a wide range of opportunities to study abroad and contact with workplaces not just in the European Union. These are conditioned by the necessary language training and arise with the help of joint workshops led by experts from abroad.