Ceramics Centre

Ceramics Centre in Dubí

The Ceramics Centre is situated in the immediate vicinity of the traditional Czech porcelain producer – Český porcelán Dubí, a.s. The centre was founded in cooperation with Český porcelán and Faculty of Art and Design UJEP. Their motivation was to interconnect the academic environment and the practice, to use the potential of students of Ceramic Design Studio and offer support for the implementation of student designs in technologically demanding porcelain processing condition. The centre also hosts a number of international symposia and workshops.

The centre is used primarily for the needs of students of the Ceramic Design Studio at Faculty of Art and Design UJEP. Upon an agreement, it is also possible to use the centre for implementation of external projects, especially in cooperation with design studios of the faculty and other universities.


The centre is fully self-sufficient for the production of ceramic and porcelain prototypes, designer solitaires and limited production using all current professional production processes.

Workshop: studio, plastic mould room, foundry, glazing room, kilns, laboratory, storage and a patio for outdoor kiln and materials storage.

Presentation facilities: Exhibition hall, archive, photo studio

Social facilities: kitchen, guests’ rooms with 8 and 9 beds, three lecturer offices and community room

Reservation of kilns



Keramické centrum Dubí
Tovární 50
417 02 Dubí

MgA. Antonín Tomášek
E: antonin.tomasek@gmail.com