Safe Environment at FUD


The Faculty of Art and Design at UJEP aligns with social values, such as providing a safe creative, study, and work environment, gender-sensitive communication, gender equality, and, last but not least, fostering respectful and dignified communication in general. It does so both in line with the Gender Equality Plan of UJEP and, particularly, within its own initiatives, where it considers the uniqueness of disciplines and the specifics of studio-based teaching.

Currently, the faculty is conducting a survey aimed at assessing comfort/discomfort regarding gender stereotyping in the workplace and the occurrence of socially inappropriate expressions. The respondents in this survey are currently students of the Faculty of Art and Design. Based on these results, the faculty will take further steps.

How to proceed as a student if I have encountered behavior inconsistent with the above-mentioned values?

If you find yourself in such a situation, don't keep it to yourself and address this issue within the FUD structure, including:

  • Atelier leadership
  • Department leadership
  • Dean of UJEP
  • Academic Senate of FUD

In case you wish to address the matter outside the organizational structure and maintain maximum anonymity from the leadership:

Contact our coordinators of the Safe Environment Initiative at FUD.

However, for our coordinators to responsibly address the situation, they need to thoroughly discuss it with you, and for that reason, at least one of them must be aware of your identity. The coordinators are, of course, bound by confidentiality.