Specialized Workplaces

Department of History and Theory of Arts

The activities of the department are built on the belief that the specific language of visual and artistic culture can express different dimensions of our existence than that of verbal and scientific language. Through mapping, exploring, and interpreting phenomena and trends in visual culture, it strives to create a foundation for the application of visual art in the contemporary world. The concept of the department is based on the idea that the creation of a complete artwork enables a diverse and broad cultural community capable of self-reflection, arising from a dialogue of various approaches, creative, theoretical, or historical.

The department provides education in theoretical and historical subjects of a more general nature for undergraduate students. It offers lectures on the history of ancient cultures, Christian art of Europe, and the development of modern visual and artistic creation. Study plans are further enriched by courses focused on the specifics of individual fields of study, particularly the history of photography and electronic media, as well as the history of design and artistic craftsmanship. The bachelor's study plan also includes seminars dedicated to basic orientation in aesthetic and theoretical space and current cultural developments.



Head of Department of History and Theory of Arts
MgA. Adéla Machová, Ph.D.

 Guarantor of Curatorial Studies
prof. Mgr. Michal Koleček, Ph.D.

Department of History and Theory of Arts Assistant
Ing. Zuzana Voborníková



Art Practice Department

The mission of the department is to provide students of the faculty with foundational skills in techniques of drawing, painting, graphics, and spatial creation. This practical education is undergone by design and applied arts students, as well as students of photography and digital media, each following different paths within their study plans.

The Drawing and Painting Studio is focused on the development of drawing and painting skills and techniques. The instruction primarily centers around still life and figurative composition, with a significant emphasis on painting technology. This technology exposes students to both traditional and contemporary techniques.

In the Graphics Studio, students gain practical experience with traditional graphic techniques such as lithography, intaglio, screen printing, and more.

The Spatial Creation Studio introduces students to the fundamental aspects of three-dimensional artistic disciplines, such as objects, sculptures, installations, along with their basic techniques, materials, and tools, emphasizing the relationship between space and form.

The department also manages comprehensively equipped workshops for processing wood, metal, plaster, stone, as well as the latest digital technology of 3D printing.



Head of the Art Practice Department
MgA. Lenka Kahuda Klokočková, MA, Ph.D.

Deputy Head of the Art Practice Department
doc. MgA. Martin Kuriš, Ph.D.

Art Practice Department Assistant
Mgr. Tomáš Jurkovič


WEEKEND WORKSHOP of the International Porcelain Symposium K.I.T.

The symposium offers lectures by experts and practical demonstrations by masters of the craft in unforgettable 3 days full of inspiration and talks about ceramics! Don´t miss out the Weekend Workshop, which will take place on 26-28 July 2024. Entrance is free and registration is not required.


The Faculty of Art and Design 2024 bachelor and diploma thesis exhibition is here! We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition, which will take place on 22th May at the faculty and of course the exhibition itself, which this year will be held at FUD UJEP and the House of Art Ústí nad Labem.


We are pleased to inform you that the Ceramic Design studio at J. E. Purkyně University’s Faculty of Arts and Design has announced this year’s symposium on ceramics KEEP IN TOUCH with an open Open call for residency. 

Come to Doctoral Students’ Lectures

We invite you to inspiring lectures by doctoral students, which will take place in three blocks on 3 April, 17 April, and 24 April 2024, each starting at 11 o’clock in Lecture Hall 537 at the Faculty of Art and Design at UJEP.

School of Doctoral Studies in Humanities and Art

The Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem announces the new academic year of the School of Doctoral Studies in Humanities and Art for students in the doctoral study program of Visual Communication.


The Department of History and Theory of Art invites you to the lecture series “Art/preneurship: an artist, curator and art manager?” by visiting foreign pedagogue Marija Griniuk, which will take place on March 18 – 27, 2024.