Prezentace / Artist Talk: Pau Pascual Galbis

Pau Pascual Galbis “Another Poetry”

Journey to the primitive aspect of the human condition. Art, memory and anthropology. A talk about Pau Pascual’s video production. 

Pau Pascual Galbis is professional filmmaker, visual artist and teacher at course in Visual Art of Art & Design Department of the Universidade da Madeira, Spain.

Kde: Ateliér Time-Based Media, 2. Patro, č. 309
Kdy: Čtvrtek 28. 11. 2019 od 10:00 hodin

Pau Pascual teaches audiovisual media at Visual Art course in Universidade da Madeira, UMa (Portugal). In 2011, he obtained his PhD in Visual Arts, with research on monstrousness developed especially in the avant-garde music videos. He presented papers about on Gothic studies focusing in music video, cinema, video art and animation at internationals congress, and also published at books and magazines: The art of the night. The Dionysian musical in the cinema and experimental clip, 2016 ; Grotesque happiness. Otherness and myth in the music video of the nineties 2016; Hour of the Wolf, Bergman 2013; and Anthropology and art. The Mayan myth of ‘i’kal 2015. On the other hand in his filmography shows a poetic view of closer reality. As well as a significant speech marked by the dream, memory and anthropology.