Fine Art – Photography


The Fine Art – Photography Studio is primarily, but not exclusively, intended for foreign graduates of bachelor’s degree art programmes who have decided to continue their study for a master’s degree in the Czech Republic. The programme focuses on a conceptual approach to photography that is perceived as a complex entity currently undergoing significant change, and which is difficult to grasp, ambiguous to define, and built on the principles of visual communication, which may also contain elements of graphic design and dynamic media. Individual and group consultations, on which instruction is based, build on a mutually enriching dialogue between teachers and students and on contact with related studios under the departments of electronic imagery, photography and visual communication.

Study at our studio / deadline 28 March 2024


MgA. Martin Krupa
Head of Fine Art - Photography Studio
MgA. Barbora Hájková
Head of Fine Art - Photography Studio
Markéta Diarra
Study Department Officer for Foreigner Students