Interior design


In our studio, there are about 20 of us across different years of bachelor and master degree.  Students of each year work on different projects. Sometimes we do have a project in common. We all think about the interior and houses people use to live in and about the things people use to use. When thinking about them we draw them, create models and try whether our ideas work. There are not only the interiors or furniture, but also lights and design of other objects in the flat. We have a good command of digital technologies and 3D printers. At the end of each semester we display our projects. We take part in both national and international competitions, we cooperate with other studios of the faculty and with a range of producers. Beside the work in the studio, we also have lectures in History of Arts and Design and of other theoretical areas. Almost every student participates in study mobility at an international school of a similar focus.

Our graduates become to understand the field, gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills and know how to communicate with clients and producers. The graduates are ready for individual creative work in their own studios or in a company’s design team.


MgA. Kateřina Bartošová
Interior Design