Lectures / Richard Kegler, Amelia Hugill-Fontanel, Stephen Coles (USA)

26 April 2023
1:45 pm, Lecture hall 537

Let us invite you to attend three lecturers focused on graphic design and typography. The lectures will introduce and discuss the P22 type foundry, as well as two leading American archives preserving printed materials and typographically-focused graphic designs related to graphic design and typographic production in the Czech Republic along with other projects presented by the guests.

The lectures and discussion will be held in English.

Richard Kegler (USA)

Richard Kegler will talk about founding the independent P22 type foundry and its development over the last 28 years. Throughout the history of the P22 type foundry, there has always been a clear emphasis on analog element, which translates digital designs into physical objects. Richard Kegler will present these two aspects of his professional work in the context of typographic production and the world of printing.

Amelia Hugill-Fontanel (USA)

Cary Graphics Arts Collection at the Rochester Institute of Technology is one of the leading libraries in the world in the field of printing, graphic design and typography. Curator Amelia Fontanel will share selected material that showcases the archive in its entirety. She will emphasise resources that enable education in the fields of art and design in the 21st century, in today’s global and digital environment.

Stephen Coles (USA)

Stephen Coles is the co-founder of the Typographica and Fonts In Use projects and the author of the book Anatomy of Type. He is also a curator at the Letterform Archive in San Francisco, which preserves over 100,000 design objects. During the lecture, Stephen Coles will showcase the best of the archive and talk about Czech type and typography.