Online conference Fashion Forward

With sustainability gaining traction in fashion, Fashion Forward is on a quest to showcase the diversity of ideas Central Europe has to offer. Presenting the most pioneering civil society advocacy groups and universities, this 3-day conference FASHION FORWARD is a testament to the talent of a region that has richness to offer, but is often overlooked. This online conference that celebrates the future of fashion!

Program: here.

24. – 26. September 2021 in cooperation with FAD UJEP.

PROGRAM of conference

Saturday 25/09/2021 – speeches of two academick of FAD

MgA. Adéla Machová, Ph.D. Jan Evangelista Purkyně University CZ
Material Experiments: Reviving Czech Heritage

MgA. Jan C. Löbl – Jan Evangelista Purkyně University CZ
Reviving Patterns: Exploring Extinct Textile Industries

Supported by Visegrad Fund.