17 April at 16.30 / LECTURE HALL 537 FACULTY OF ART AND DESIGN AT UJEP / lecture held in English

MARKÉTA DOLEJŠOVÁ: Making Sense with More-than-Human Worlds

The lecture reflects on emerging art & design research interests in more-than-human co-creation and the involvement of nonhuman entities (including animals, plants, microbes, algorithmic agencies) as partners in knowledge making. In times of anthropogenic climate change and societal polycrises, many people start acknowledging the need to shift from the human-centred ‘making sense of’ to the relational ‘making sense-with’ the many creatures that make our worlds. We introduce our ongoing experimentation with so-called feral ways of sensemaking that invite open-ended, spontaneous, multisensory, and multispecies encounters unfolding beyond the bounds of human control. Drawing on our recent feral collaborations including the Venice Architecture Biennale, the Helsinki Design Week and the Uroboros festival, we discuss how co-creative more-than-human inquiries in art and design can foster (or not) pathways to pluralistic coexistence and futures that are liveable for humans as well as other species. 


Markéta Dolejšová (https://materie.me/) is a practice-based researcher and curator experimenting with relational ways of knowing and doing, often in multispecies settings. She currently serves as a postdoctoral research fellow at Aalto University – School of Arts, Design and Architecture (FI) and has cofounded several art-design research initiatives including the Uroboros festival, the Open Forest Collective, and the Feeding Food Futures network.