Habilitation Lecture of Antonín Tomášek

Jako když to znáte, ale ještě jste to neviděli / Like when you know it, but you haven’t seen it yet

On Thursday, 29 June 2023, the habilitation lecture of Antonín Tomášek, the Head of the Ceramic Design Studio at the Faculty of Art and Design at UJEP, took place. We are pleased to announce you that the Art Committee unanimously recommended to the rector of UJEP to award Antonín Tomášek the academic title of “docent” (Associate Professor).

Antonín Tomášek presented his habilitation lecture Jako když to znáte, ale ještě jste to neviděli (Like when you know it, but you haven’t seen it yet) in a discussion that explored his previous experience as a designer in porcelain production and the broader context of balancing collaboration opportunities between academic environments and the commercial sector of porcelain manufacturing. The Art Committee recognized Tomášek’s efforts in cultivating the production environment of porcelain and his pedagogical guidance of students, where traditional craftsmanship intersects with the utilization of new technologies.

Regarding his student guidance, Tomášek emphasized his delight in guiding students from the question of “How do we do it?” to contempling the question of “Why?” which represents the essence of creative expression.

We sincerely congratulate Antonín Tomášek and share with you both a sample of his work and the atmosphere of the lecture.