Heraclitus’ Principle / One hundred years of coal in Czech art

16 June – 22 October 2023 / Galerie Roudnice, main hall

The Faculty of Art and Design at UJEP cannot and does not want to overlook the exhibition “The Heraclitus Principle / One Hundred Years of Coal in Czech Art,” considering its strong regional resonance.

Few materials have occupied such a prominent position in art as coal. Particularly in recent years, it has become a highly controversial topic, resonating most strongly in regions rich in coal resources and affected by ecological issues, including the Ústí region. Coal represents both a curse and a daily livelihood, a fascinating and glittering mineral as well as a devastated landscape. It embodies political lobbying and the engulfed shafts. It generates wealth while erasing communities from the map.

Exhibiting for Faculty of Art and Design:

Pavel Mrkus, Head of Time-Based Media Studio, Department of Fine Art
Robert Vlasák, Head of Natural Materials, Department of Design
David Kořínek / Rafani, Department of History and Theory of Arts