Maja Gade: Disintegrated sprouting Exhibition

21 November – 13 December 2023 / Altán Klamovka Gallery in Prague

Exhibition opening: on Tuesday 21 November at 6:00PM

Danish artist Maja Gade is fascinated by the landscape and the processes that create and change it. She perceives water as an element that moves through the landscape, shapes it, gives it life and models and creates it through the natural process of erosion and deposits. At the same time, the artist is interested in the fact that, compared to stone, man has a relatively short time-limited power over the landscape within individual human lives, but human actions often change and destroy the landscape forever. Maja Gade in Altán Klamovka reflects that the gallery is set in Klamovka Park, which is a recreational oasis created by the cultivation of the previous landscape. The artistic creates a site-specific installation, where she builds on the history and immediate surroundings of the gallery. The Disintegrated sprouting cycle arose out of her interest in how minerals in the earth decompose and become building materials for new generations of plants, and after their demise, the cycle is filled again with a new cycle of plant life. The exhibition features drawings and prints created from materials such as soil, iron and rust. Motives became the blueprint for plant shapes, mineral structures.

Maja Gade lives and works in Copenhagen and Malmö. She worked on several artistic land art projects in Denmark, Norway, Italy and Holland. For example, at performance protocols in Bergen, Norway (2022), Here in Turin, Italy (2019), Art Month Ameland in Holland (2018) and Land Art i Klint in Denmark. (2017). Maja Gade graduated from Jutland Art Academy in 2009. Her most recent exhibitions were at Tiger Strikes Asteroids in Los Angeles, Kirsten Kjærs Museum in Denmark and XM3 room for contemporary art in Aalborg, Denmark. She completed internships in Berlin (2018) and Leipzig (2018/2019). Disintegrated sprouting is her first solo exhibition in the Czech Republic.

Supported by: Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Prague 5, Prague City Hall, GESTOR.

Curator: Lenka Sýkorová