The activity of our studio is mainly focused on creation, which is closely related to the specific environment in which it is created and presented. This activity is not defined in any way with regard to the material, the medium or the approach to the work or its content focus. First of all, we work with the means that are used to capture and document artistic activities, such as photography and video. We often use procedures that are closest to action art or performance, such as installation and object. However, in the studio it is possible to work with various art techniques and approaches, including classical ones such as drawing and painting. 

Today, artistic creation cannot be limited to a single possible way of expression. Students can use all appropriate means to express what they want to convey. However, we are concerned not only with the creation of the artwork itself, but also with its relationship to the space in which it is located, and with finding the most suitable way of its presentation. Not only the process of creating an artifact is important to us, but also the possibility of sharing it, whether at exhibitions or in the media. It is also about the appropriate selection of presented works, their adjustment and installation, about interviews and communication about one’s own work with the public, critics, etc. We also emphasize the overview and familiarity with the work of colleagues from our immediate surroundings and from the international art scene. We consider it important that students work on school grounds as much as possible, so they have the opportunity to confront their work with others, to meet and communicate with each other, to regularly talk not only about the work itself, but also about everything related to it.   




MgA. Ivana Zochová
Studio Assistant
doc. Jiří Kovanda
Head of Studio