Fashion and textile design


We are a modern space, a modern studio, we are a team that reflects the current fashion design line, both in the Czech and the global context. As designers, we constantly create something new and we hope that for our entire lives we will have something to communicate to people and that we will not go out of fashion. Through fashion, we reflect what is going on in society. We build on infinite sources of inspiration around us and transform them into clearly defined forms in clothing that can give people identity and character. For us, university studio is a platform where we can deal with the current issues of society. We use fashion for communication, it is our visual language. Fashion creates a person’s packaging and it defines his or her style. Thus, it is one of the most complex fields of design. Fashion is a phenomenon that can capture our essence. It provides us with our other face. Fashion is what we love, what we admire, what we live in. Fashion is us.

FTD – Shoe that does not pinch


MgA. Hana Coufalová
Studio Assistant
MgA. Jan C. Löbl