Natural materials


Although the name of the studio may evoke romantic images and suggest the idea of ​​a narrow specialization, the reality is much more varied. The study is based on a broad creative experience with diverse materials, experiments, and craftsmanship processes linked to structured conceptual thinking. Acquiring knowledge of the technologies involved, finding connections, possible combinations and exploring forgotten as well as newly emerging relationships forms a significant part of the creative process. Student works usually include statues, objects, or installations, often processual or interactive. The course is designed so that students gradually learn, as they prepare their own artistic projects, how to work with basic materials (such as clay, plaster, wood, metal, plastics) using their own hands as well as digital technologies, while being open to experiments with light, sound, electricity, motion. The environment of well-equipped workshops and studios makes all this possible.

Future artists are therefore becoming familiar with conventional technological procedures as well as with work with light, sound or interactive elements. Natural materials, metals or plastics are enhanced by current approaches based on 3D applications and their use in technologies such as 3D printing and CNC machining.


Mgr. MgA. Jan Krtička Ph.D.
Head of Studio
doc. MgA. Robert Vlasák
Head of Studio



Recording Formats / Calvary Ostré

30. 5. 2023

You are cordially invited to a one-day exhibition presentation titled “Record Formats” on Tuesday, 30 May 2023, starting at 4 PM (At Kalvárie, Ostré near Úštěk). The presentation showcases site-specific creations by students of the Natural Materials Studio at the Faculty of Art and Design, UJEP.


27. 4. 2022

phonon~ crew and FUD UJEP cordially invites you to join our broadcasting sound point, contributing to the program of annual REVEIL sound event. This is an international event dedicated to listening, acoustic ecology and the question of the diversity of birds on Earth.