Department of General Preparation

About Department

The mission of the department is to provide students of the faculty with foundational skills in techniques of drawing, painting, graphics, and spatial creation. This practical education is undergone by design and applied arts students, as well as students of photography and digital media, each following different paths within their study plans.

The Drawing and Painting Studio is focused on the development of drawing and painting skills and techniques. The instruction primarily centers around still life and figurative composition, with a significant emphasis on painting technology. This technology exposes students to both traditional and contemporary techniques.

In the Graphics Studio, students gain practical experience with traditional graphic techniques such as lithography, intaglio, screen printing, and more.

The Spatial Creation Studio introduces students to the fundamental aspects of three-dimensional artistic disciplines, such as objects, sculptures, installations, along with their basic techniques, materials, and tools, emphasizing the relationship between space and form.

The department also manages comprehensively equipped workshops for processing wood, metal, plaster, stone, as well as the latest digital technology of 3D printing.

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Head of Department of General Preparation
doc. ak. mal. Vladimír Švec

Secretary of the Department of General Studies
doc. MgA. Martin Kuriš, Ph.D.

Department of General Preparation Assistant
Mgr. Tomáš Jurkovič

Lenka Kahuda Klokočková

MgA. Lenka Kahuda Klokočková, MA, Ph.D.
kancelář: 047
Martin Kuriš

doc. MgA. Martin Kuriš, Ph.D.
T: 47528 5226
kancelář: 424

prof. Mgr. Miloš Michálek
T: 47528 5155
kancelář: 033
  • Graphics I, II
Lada Semecká

MgA. Lada Semecká
T: 47528 5147
kancelář: 013
  • Spatial Creation I, II
Martin Raudenský

doc. Mgr. Martin Raudenský, Ph.D.
T: 47528 5155
kancelář: 033
  • Graphics I, II
Ilja Bílek

doc. ak. mal. Ilja Bílek
T: 47528 5226
kancelář: 434
Markéta Váradiová

MgA. Markéta Váradiová, ArtD.
T: 47528 5226
kancelář: 424
Miroslav Lörincz

MgA. Miroslav Lörincz, DiS

Barbora Eisnerová

Mgr. Barbora Eisnerová
T: 47528 5156
kancelář: 423
Roman Šimek

Roman Šimek
T: 47528 5165
kancelář: 025

Mgr. Tomáš Jurkovič
kancelář: 330