The Photography Studio was founded in 1994 by Professor Pavel Baňka. Conceptually, the studio focuses not just on reflecting the latest developments and trends in the field of photography but also on a broader understanding of the medium in contemporary art. As part of their free artistic work, students often transcend the boundaries of photography as such and are looking for new ways and sources of inspiration in other artistic fields.

Over the course of their studies, emphasis is placed not only on the development of creative processes but also on commanding the photographic craft itself. Teaching focuses on work with analogue techniques, traditional photographic genres as well as on digital technologies and media communication. Each year, the studio participates in numerous exhibitions and projects both in the Czech Republic and abroad.


MgA. Silvie Milková Ph.D.
Studio Assistant



Summer School 2022

27. 5. 2022

The FAD Summer School invites all artists and designers to Ústí nad Labem. We offer professional and creative meetings with a number of famous creators, inspiring courses and side events.