Product design


We want to develop both planar and spatial thinking based on the mastering of classical disciplines (drawing, modelling) as well as of the modern information technology tools (modelling and presentations in 2D and 3D modelling applications). The teaching program is therefore based on proven conservative teaching methods (drawing and modelling, the study of nature and its patterns in the development of forms), in combination with modern methods, particularly with the study of the latest knowledge of technology, materials and IT applications in the creative process. Education includes studies of economics and humanities and their transformation into real output for the purposes of communication and presentation.

The goal is to educate a personality that will receive and process information provided by teaching, that will be communicative and open to new ideas, conservative in utilizing the experience and values ​​proven by time and practice but who will also enrich the creative processes with new knowledge and approaches corresponding to the given time.


MgA. Jan Čapek
Head of Studio
MgA. Jiří Bartoš
Studio Assistant