Visual design


The Studio offers a broad spectrum of artistic and verbal activities related not only to the work of a graphic designer. It teaches how to present own work in a comprehensible manner, how to develop the ability to perform strategic preparations and creative assignments as well as the ability to consider a project concept spontaneously, to give it a professional artistic shape and to implement it up to the phase of its commercial use. Relations of the Studio management with advertising agencies, highly professional typography and design studios or businesses ensure that students have the opportunity to confront the real world of design and allow them to orient themselves in the professional world even during their studies. Original and non-repetitive tasks provide them with the chance to try creative activities in both visual and verbal forms like artist presentations, lectures and multimedia projects.

Graduates from the Visual Design Studio work as independent artists, heads of creative departments not only in national advertising and graphic design studios, organizers of multimedia events or as lecturers and teachers in specialized centres.

Fastfud Podcast / Michaela Labudová & Pavel Frič


MgA. Michaela Labudová Ph.D.
Head of Studio
MgA. Pavel Frič
Head of Studio