Prezentace / Artist Talk: Pau Pascual Galbis

Srdečně Vás zveme na prezentaci / artist talk: Pau Pascual Galbis “Another Poetry” (Pau Pascual Galbis is professional filmmaker, visual artist and teacher at course in Visual Art of Art & Design Department of the Universidade da Madeira, Spain).  
TBM, 2. Patro, č. 309 / Čtvrtek 28. 11. 2019 od 10:00 hodin.

Exprese, vztahy a procesy

The publication “Expression, Relationships and Processes” is a collection of texts, drawings and graphics whose common field of interest is expression, its types and the manner of performativity. 

LLEV Showcase Book Lounch at Designblok

We invite you to the book lounch of LLEV Schowcase, the Visual diary of LLEV Studio at Designblok. Prague International Design Festival. 17. 10.  2019. 7 PM. Address: Průmyslový palác, Výstaviště 67, Praha 7 Holešovice, Openstudio C.01. Entry only with a ticket to Designblok.

Murmurans Mundus

MURMURANS MUNDUS: Sonic Ecology and Beyond

3 Oct to 5 Oct 2019 @ Faculty of Art and Design JEPU, Ústí nad Labem

MURMURANS MUNDUS: Sonic Ecology and Beyond

An international interdisciplinary conference focused on the current matters of acoustic ecology perceived from the perspective of arts and both social and natural sciences.

Photography — Fine Art / Application deadline / 30th April 2021

Creative Space Called FAD

We consider the Faculty of Art and Design, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem to be an art and design school respectful to the history of art, philosophy and science as traditional academic values ​​to be vigorously developed and framed into innovative artistic and theoretical views, while coping with current social and cultural challenges.

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