Čelem k umění / Giulia Kimberly Colombo

středa 22. 2. 2023
Aula č. 537

Anna Valeria Borsari.
Sitting on the stoop. An artistic journey through identity, place and relation.

Anna Valeria Borsari (Bazzano, Bologna, 1943) is a leading figure among the Italian conceptual artistic scene. Her research, started in the late 1960s, spans over five decades and represents one of the most original interpretations on the concept of site-specific and relational art in Italy. The main pillars of Anna Valeria Borsari’s research concern identity and place, both analysed through a broad spectrum of philosophical and scientific references. Her early work focuses on the use of photography as the prime instrument to investigate our perceptions, its relation to language and experience. After a decade almost entirely devoted to explore the expressive potentials of the medium, photography gives way to a more complex practice, where it merges with performance and installations to incorporate the surrounding space and the active presence of the viewer, in order to produce dynamic and often perishable works. Giulia Kimberly Colombo will discuss Borsari’s production and the development of her research starting from the Sixities, through a selection of some of the artists’s most remarkable works, both photographic and environmental.

Giulia Kimberly Colombo is a Phd candidate at Università degli Studi di Milano. In 2021 she co-curated Anna Valeria Borsari’s personal exhibition at Museo del Novecento di Milano, alongside Prof. Giorgio Zanchetti and Iolanda Ratti, Senior curator of the Museum. Her text “Sitting on the stoop. Anna Valeria Borsari’s artistic journey, between identity, place and relationship” was published in the exhibition catalogue.

Most recently, she began working closely to Ms. Ratti and Cristina Baldacci, Professor at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, for the promotion of the newly acquired archive of the “Spazio di Via Lazzaro Palazzi”, one of the first artists-run spaces in Milano.


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