Čelem k umění / János Szoboszlai & Csaba Nemes

#10 + #11 + #12 od pondělí 12. do 14. 12. 2016 v aule 537

Pondělí 12. 12. 2016 od 11.00 do 13.30 — Aula 537
přednáší Dr. János Szoboszlai, PhD.
blok 3 x 45 minutových přednášek s přestávkami
téma: Public policy in Hungary 2010 – 2016 and its impact on cultural policy.

Úterý 13. 12. 2016 od 11.00 do 13.30 — Aula 537
přednáší Dr. János Szoboszlai, PhD.
blok 3 x 45 minutových přednášek s přestávkami
téma: Protest, resistance and consolidation in the Hungarian art scene 2010 – 2016.

Středa 14. 12. 2016 od 11.00 do 13.30 — Aula 537
blok tří workshopů vedou Dr. János Szoboszlai, PhD. a Csaba Nemes
pozor pouze pro omezený počet účastníků (cca 20), registrace na mailu: zuzana.dolezelova@ujep.cz
téma bloku workshopů: Power 50: drawing the basics

Přednášky i workshop probíhají v angličtině.

A hungarian art magazine publishes every year the list of the 50 most influential people ot the contemporary art field. The list represents the votes of 20 anonymous experts of this cultural sector. The influence of these people on contemporary art could be positive or negative as well. The experts should explain and argue on the level of effect performed by a potential powerful agent to vote for. In these terms, representatives or even makers of the current cultural policy, leaders of institutions, distributors of public money, members of curatorial boards, art dealers and collectors, curators or critics are listed. The lectures of Janos Szoboszlai will mention all these people having strong influence on the recent contemporary art field in Hungary, explaining their position and role.
At the first stage of the workshop, Nemes and Szoboszlai will make a visual representation of the institucional/power-framework of Hungarian contemporary art, using the names, positions and terms highlighted by the lectures. A well detailed diagram will be the result of this activity. At the second stage the art and curator students will be voting for the Power 50 in Czech Republic and edit the list according to their knowledge, critical skills, and democratic techniques. Nemes and Szoboszlai help
them with questions regarding Czech institutions and their mission / responsibility / function, etc. At the third stage, the students produce a well detailed diagram representing the current state and structure of the contemporary art scene in Czech Republic. Nemes and Szoboszlai help them to create a clear, easily accessible and understandable data-visualisation .

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