Čelem k umění / Anton Leder / An Archipelago of Growing Knowledge / online

Ve středu 23. 3. 2022 od 16.30 hod v rámci cyklu Čelem k umění uvede Anton Lederer přednášku s názvem An Archipelago of Growing Knowledge

The Graz-based art center <rotor> is happy to be in a dialogue with the art and cultural life in Ústí nad Labem for long. And like the Faculty of Art and Design at UJEP, <rotor> is also interested since long to working in the public and social space. In 2020 and 2021 it could realize the long-term project The School of the We. This lecture will be focused on the concept and the activities of this „school“.

The School of the We took place at five locations across the neighborhood area and in the premises of the art centre <rotor> connected with each other like islands in an archipelago. In the public spaces, five artists created “islands of conviviality” at each of the locations: Eliana Otta (Lima / Vienna), Nikolay Oleynikov (St. Petersburg), Aleksandra Czerniawska (Warsaw), studio ASYNCHROME (Graz), minipogon (Belgrade).

The concept of „conviviality“ is about a specific form of togetherness. In intense participatory and collaborative practices, the artists created spaces open to be used and appropriated by anybody. Spaces to be connected by many stories and passages, interweaving relationships, imaginaries, and critical discourses. The islands could be used as a place to sit, to lie down, for picnics, to meet friends, to play, for gardening, to come together, but also for reflection and inspiration.

In general, the School of the We were conceived as a realm of learning, unlearning, and up-learning. Thinking about and experimenting with solidarity-based and relational forms of living together conceived in a time marked by radical change and unpredictability. In view of this, The School of the We referred to artistic, learning, and communing processes, fostering the exchange of growing knowledge.

Přednáška bude probíhat online na tomto odkazu – https://youtu.be/KCqOJdbWhiA a bude probíhat v anglickém jazyce.

Čelem k umění je přednáškovým cyklem Fakulty umění a designu Univerzity J. E. Purkyně konajícím se každou středu od 16:30.

Kurátor přednáškového cyklu / prof. Mgr. Michal Koleček, Ph.D.

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